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Christmas Tree Decorations

Christmas Show Program

Welcome to the Kinetic Movement Christmas show!

We are all so happy you could join us for this special performance of dance and Christmas spirit!

First and foremost, we are so grateful to all of our parents, grandparents & family members that give the gift of dance to their special someone dancing today. You are the reason we are here. You allow us the joy and honor of teaching your dancer.

Thank you for all you do!

I would like to thank my amazing teachers for all the hard work they do in and out of classes. It is always an honor to teach alongside my teacher, Miss Debra. Her experience and dedication are a constant inspiration to me. Thank you to the beautiful teachers of our B1 class; Miss Ti, Miss Charlotte & Miss Hannah. You are encouraging and teaching our youngest to be courageous. Thank you to Mr Word for bringing the funk and groove to our students. I am so excited to see what you bring us next! Thank you, Miss Abigal, for assisting Miss Debra and for always being a positive light for our studio. Thank you, Miss Bailey, Miss Kinsey & Miss Merritt for keeping my classes going when I need to step away. Your energy and passion is the perfect kind of contagious!

A never-ending thanks goes to Miss Margarette for everything she does. You are a special kind of wonderful.

A special thank you to Brianna King for stepping up and being in the office. I have enjoyed your presence and the extra brain.

We would like to thank the very talented Mr. Luttman. You make us look like stars! Thank you, Kayla Gladstone, for allowing me the honor to work with the Emerald dance team. It is a gift to watch them grow in confidence. These beautiful decorations on stage are presented from Jessica Huerta and the festive picture wall was created by Angie Lilly. Special creations for the raffle were created by Trish Alvear.

The final and biggest THANK YOU goes to all the performers! You work hard! You have improved and grown so much in dance and in your young lives.

You are our inspiration! Thank you for dancing with us!

Rocking Around the Christmas Tree - Lillie Collie, Lila Grunberger, Faith

Halford, Elaine Murphy, Josin Oliver, Teagon Rolfson, Anthony Trosclair

Merry Texas Christmas - Mikah Brown, Conner Hunter, Savannah Kubicek,

Adaline Macklin, Natalia McDowell, Khloe Philippi, Madison Robertson, Ryleigh

Striedel, Margo Waggoner

Rise up Shepards - Geneva Carpenter, Ginger Carpenter, Nahla Gandy, Katie

Hunter, Mia Tyler, Sookie Conner, Isabella Garza

Boogie Woogie Santa - Brenda McElwee, Holly Clark, Pam Keel, Karen Adams,

Carolyn Stockton, Sandy Seaburn

Mommy Kissing Santa Claus - Lucy Jo Morales, Angelina Lopez, Delta Hatten,

Mila Hernandez, Sophia Pearson

Mr. Grinch - Sienna Goad, Sookie Conner, Abigal Ortiz, Mia Tyler, Alexander Snead,

Pressly Sullivan, Payton Lewis, Lillie Collie, Sadie Cox

Silver Bells - Charlotte Kuhn, Kinsey Freibele, Merritt Gambill, Hannah Lawing,

Kinsey Reid, Bailey Chaney, Emmaleigh Martinez

All I want for Christmas is you - Emeralds Drill Team - Lara Mace Troche,

Jacqueline Crabb, Hannah Brown, Kinley Ayers, Soraya White, Angela Delgado, Gabe

Austria, Ryleigh Herron, Lily Rodriguez, Faith Purtell, Jennifer Sain, Christine

Olge-Ham, Sara Rollins, Emily Galvan

Jingle Bells - Sadie Cox, Anna LeBlanc, Payton Lewis, Maci Martinez, Logan

Robertson, Brooklyn Lopez, Victoria Sullivan, Camille Clark

Rudolf the Rednosed Reindeer - Katie Hunter, Miranda Crumley, Isabella Garza,

Sookie Conner

Jesus was Born in a Stable- Word Atkins and Miss Ti

Up on the Rooftop - Sofia Alvear, Laeklyn Bates, Ashlyn Gregory, Pressly Sullivan,

Victoria Snead, Valentina Alanis, Naomi Crumley

Santa Claus is Watching You - Meilissa Wilson, Darla Brown, Tindal Jordan

Love to Keep Me Warm - Kinsey Reid, Bailey Chaney, Merritt Gambill, Hannah

Lawing, Emmaleigh Martinez, Kinsey Friebele

Raffle Prizes!


★ 1st in line to purchase tickets for Hot Shoe Show


★ 2nd in line to purchase tickets for Hot Shoe




★ Dance Bag


★ T-Shirts


★ Pillowcase & Blanket


★ Parent Cup & Student Cup

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