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The Team

  Kinetic Movement has had a competition team for over 15 years. Since we are more of a recital based studio, the competition team is for any dancer wanting to push themselves to a higher level of dance. Any dancer at the age of 7+, who is willing to make the commitment to take the extra time for classes, rehearsal and competition/conventions is welcome to join the team. 

The competition team is our community performance group. We perform not only at community events like the Seafair, but also any requested performances from our area.  We attend 2 conventions and 4 competitions every year. Conventions are opportunities for the dancers to learn from the industry leading teachers and choreographers. They learn new styles and specialized tips that make them better and more confident dancers. 

Our goal for competing is to be better then your last performance. To improve your overall score from the previous performance by listening and applying the critiques from the judges. We are not perfect. Instead we are an ever changing, always growing group of dancers working towards being our best. 

2024 Team with dances & awards
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