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Picture Day Schedule

Picture day will be May 20th & 21st. We will start releasing costumes the week before;  costumes will not be released unless your account is paid in full.. If you are unsure which class your dancer is in, please ask. BRING ALL OF YOUR COSTUMES. We try to take group photos in all of them if time permits. You can take individuals in as many or as few as you want, but you need an envelope for each costume. Dancers need to be ready at the time they are scheduled. This will keep the process moving and hopefully stay on time. Dancers will look better if they have some makeup on, mascara and light pink lips and natural eyeshadow for the little ones. The lights can wash out their features, so we just want to highlight them. Do not forget; NO PANTIES UNDER TIGHTS. Put tan tights on first, like underwear, the pink tights will go over the tan tights so that the girls are never fully naked.  For picture selection only the Parents need to be present, and you can come back anytime through the 2 days to select your pictures.

Saturday May 20th

9:30-11:30 Basic 1

Orange Sherbert; Spectrum Song; Purple People Eater


11:30-1:30 Level 1 

Lucy in the Sky; Pink Cadillac; Black & White


1:30-3:30 Basic 2

Red Orange; Pink Panther; Red Red Robin


3:30-5:30 Basic 3

Blue Danube; Yellow Submarine; Orange Colored Sky


5:30-6:30 Hip Hop 1 & 2

Black & Yellow; Violet

Sunday  May 21st

9:30-11:30 Level 2 & 3

Caribbean Blue; Green River; Black & Gold; Blue Monday


11:30-12:15 Pointe



12:15-3:00 Team & Advance 

Mix Team; Ballet; Jazz; Lyrical; Tap


3:00-5:00  Adult


***Dancers in Level 1 and up should be prepared with their own poses for individual pictures. We take 2 poses, a full body and a up close, on all individuals. It helps if the dancer comes in with an idea of their pose.

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