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Hot Shoe Show
June 3rd 2023

Rehearsal Schedule

Thursday June 1st

Blocking Rehearsal

After your scheduled time on the stage there will be a briefing with each class. At this time we will answer any questions you may have. Please plan on an extra 15 to 20 minutes for this meeting. Plan to ARRIVE 15 mins BEFORE your scheduled time, The times below are when we start your class and it is very important for us to stay on schedule. During all rehearsal times I ask that anyone staying to watch refrain from conversations. I have a lot to accomplish in a short amount of time, talking distracts the dancers from hearing direction. Please have your conversations outside the auditorium. 


Dancewear only

9:00-9:40 Basic 1

9:30-10:30 Basic 2

10:30-11:30 Basic 3

11:30-12:30 Level 1

12:30-1:15 Opening/Finale

1:15-1:45 Hip Hop 1

1:45-2:15 Hip Hop 2

2:15-3:30 Level 2

3:30-4:00 Level 3 

4:00-4:30 Team/Solo/Duets

4:30-7:00 Adv Ballet; jazz; Lyrical; Pointe; Tap

7:00-8:30 Adult dances

Friday June 2nd


Remember this rehearsal is for technical aspects of the show. This is not an accurate time of the show. Please, be patient if we need to run long. We are working to make your child look their best on stage.

Saturday June 3rd

8:30am Technical Rehearsal- No Basic 1

12:00pm Break for Lunch & Rest

5:00pm Level 1,2,3 & Adv  arrive full costume, hair and makeup done

5:30pm All Basic Levels arrive in full costume, hair and makeup done

6:00pm SHOW TIME

***Please note: I start the show on time. Showing up late will keep you from getting to your seats until the dance on stage finishes. Respect the dancers on stage and the video we are filming.  NO PHOTOGRAPHY OR VIDEO IS ALLOWED DURING THE SHOW. Thank You***

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