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Fall/Spring Classes

Adult Fitness Classes     

Tai Chi 

Mon, Wed, Fri & Sat  9 a.m. 

Price per class  Set by teacher 

Line Dancing

Mon, Wed &Fri 10:30-12pm

Price per class Set by teacher

Basic Classes- For dancers ages 3+ at a beginner level.  Tap, Jazz & Ballet . 

Level 1-3 Classes- For dancers 7+ who can preform the required skills for each level.  Tap, Jazz, Ballet . Hip hop is also available.

Advanced Classes- For Junior high/High school dancers who can preform the required skills .  Tap, Jazz/lyrical, Ballet & Pointe*.  Hip hop is also available. 

* Ballet is required for Pointe


Adult Classes - Jazz, Tap, Ballet  for adult who want to dance.  

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